Terms and Conditions

  • Prices subject to change without notice.
  • Minimum order $100.00 per invoice
  • All orders, terms, conditions of sales, and prices are subject to confirmation by DP Seeds, LLC.
  • Prices are F.O.B. shipping point, and are subject to change without notice.
  • Orders received that are not normal pack quantities will receive a $15.00 broken bag charge.
  • Standard packaging and treatment costs are included in the price of all seed.
  • Custom packaging is available at a negotiated price.
  • Shipping method is to be stated when order is placed.
  • The risk of loss shall pass to the dealer at point of shipment. Standard shipments will automatically be insured for value of merchandise, unless otherwise requested.
  • Only items on this price list will be confirmed. Prices for items not listed in this price list are subject to approval of price, availability and delivery time.
  • Items that are “RUSH” or “SPOT” ordered, and have not been booked may incur additional freight charges if not in inventory.
  • All over-due accounts are subject to a 2% interest charge per month, (24% annual).
  • All rated accounts will have the following terms, with the exception of any special booking or purchasing programs:
    • a) Net 30 days.
    • b) All booked orders are firm and cannot be cancelled.
    • c) Upon approval, any returned seed will be charged a 25% restocking fee and may be subject to new germ test before being accepted.
  • For items not in inventory, please allow at least 2–3 weeks for delivery.
  • Miscellaneous charges:
    • a) Phytosanitary Certificates: $100.00

Early orders will have first priority, bookings second, and spot orders next. Early orders must be accompanied by a Purchase Order. Bookings must be on a signed Purchase confirmation with Purchase Order number and shipping date. In the event of short crops, orders will be prorated on a percentage basis.


DP Seeds, LLC. sources its varieties from independent plant breeders from around the world. In certain areas of the world, monetary exchange rates fluctuate greatly. Not only between highs & lows, but on a daily basis. Please confirm prices and note that they are subject to change without notice.