Red BLT F1 Hybrid Tomato

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• Uniform ripening and extended shelf life
• Great for fresh markets and processing
• High lycopene content
• Semi-determinate


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Red BLT F1 features a large, flattened globe shape. Fruit weighs 285-310 g (10-11 oz.) with many larger fruit. 4 x 5’s and 5 x 6’s.

Production Cycle

Open field, spring, summer and fall.


Verticillium, Fusarium 1 and 2, Alternaria Stem Canker.


Red BLT F1 is a hybrid, semi-determinate, open field tomato with high lycopene content, uniform ripening and extended shelf life. Other features include a very small core, small blossom scar and thick wall. Great for the fresh market and processing. Pick fully ripe, 85+ days to maturity.


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